DreamBits Studio, born in March 2021 with headquarters in Bologna, is a team of enthusiastic professionals who create videogames for PCs and consoles and apps for VR devices.


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War of Wheels

War of Wheel is a frenetic single-multiplayer fighting game with cars in an original “medievalpunk” setting.

In the game you will be able to choose a car with a unique and characteristic design and modify its weapons and aesthetics, then launch it in one of the arenas and start fighting with the other participants in the event. If your vehicle is not brutally destroyed by other cars or by obstacles and traps in the arenas, you are the winner!

War of Wheels is one of the 4 winners of Bologna Game Farm, the new project for the development of the videogame sector promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Bologna, created in collaboration with IIDEA – Italian Interactive & Digital Entertainment Association with the partnership of ACER.

Presentation of the winners of 15/12/2021 (ITA)

For more information on the Bologna Game Farm project (ITA):

Le Acque di Bologna in VR

Le Acque di Bologna in VR” is an application for virtual reality under development and presented at the Opificio delle Acque on July 15, which allows an immersive experience of the places and artefacts of the Reno and Savena canals. Through the VR device, the user is transported into a 3D reconstruction of some significant places in the network of canals, where he will have the opportunity to interact with some of the elements of the surrounding environment. The application is under development for the Oculus Quest 2, which can be used at the Opificio delle Acque, or can be downloaded free of charge for private use. Two other versions of the app will be available for mobile (iOS, Android) and for the Canali di Bologna website via web browser (WebGL).

Try the preview of the application in development

Download the project presentation (PDF)



Luca Appio

Founder, Game Designer, 3D Artist

Luca is an enthusiastic gamer who discovered his passion for the world of 3D during university. He worked as a freelance 3D Artist until the founding of DreamBits Studio. He is a teacher of 3D modeling and texturing at iMasterArt.

Massimo Bracco

3D Artist

Massimo, after years of profession as an architect, has decided to approach his original passion for modeling and drawing, which he cultivated at the time of his studies. Now he is a passionate freelance 3D artist thanks to a new interest in gaming born with the collaboration with Italian Games Factory.

Mattia Bruno


Mattia discovered his passion for programming during the PlayStation era, in love with Final Fantasy VII. Graduated in Computer Science, he works as a freelance Game Developer for various gaming projects. He is also UE4 programming teacher at iMasterArt.

Francesco Ortolano

3D Artist

Francesco, who has always been passionate about videogames, approached the world of 3D to make his passion a profession. He studied at the iMasterArt digital arts school, where he is now a teacher of 3D modeling, rigging and rendering, and, after completing his studies, he started working as a 3D Artist.

Tommaso Romanò


Tommaso, thanks to a great passion for video games and the assiduous study of computer science and programming, makes and publishes video games already at the age of 14. With two multiplayer titles already released, he is currently CEO of Relow Digital and a freelance

Lorenzo Venturini

Sound Designer

Lorenzo has always been a lover of music and a regular online fps gamer. Given his experience in the field of concerts, due to his parallel work as a Notch designer, he found in game sound design the perfect union between interactivity, sound and video games. Freelancer based at ROOF Videodesign.

Stefano Zarba

Concept Artist, 3D Artist

Stefano is a digital artist who discovered a passion for this working sector during his academic studies. He has worked on several video game productions and is now a freelancer Concept Artist and 3D Artist for DreamBits Studio.


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